Izabel Lam Dinnerware Wave top
Izabel Lam Dinnerware wave bottom

The Morning Tide Glass Dinnerware


This series of glass plates and bowls are
designed to be multifunctional
and diversely versatile.
Experiment with different courses
on the same plate or
serve the same course on
different colors and shapes.
Mix with our porcelain for
graceful contrast in tone and texture.

" Fluid and delicate,
an exquisite complement
creating a harmonious whole."

Chef Takanori Wada
Executive Sushi Chef
Sushi Samba Rio, Chicago

Clockwise from bottom :
HD2600RO-Coral Bowl (Special order only)
P352-12W Charger Plate
HD2312RO-Coral Dinner Plate (Special order only)
P308W Salad / Soup Bowl
HT2500HSS Spiral Stand / HT164 Glass
P851W / P853W Salt/Pepper Shakers
HT909RO-Coral (Special order only)
P352-10W Dinner Plate
HD911RO-Coral (Special order only)
P308W Bowl

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