Izabel Lam Dinnerware Wave top
Izabel Lam Dinnerware wave bottom

Silver and gold sparkle in

The Milky Way Glass Platters

The perfect presentation for
exquisite and delectable offerings
of scrumptious and exceptional flavors.

Delicate renderings of silver and gold
on a black background provide a desirable
canvas for ingenious food creations.

Designed to be multifunctional and versatile.
Each piece is hand painted so the result
will be totally unique - variations in the
Color and pattern are inherent in
the design so no two pieces will be alike.

Produced for the finest quality and durability.
Commercial dishwasher safe.

Available colors:

BSB = Black / Silver
BGB = Black / Gold
BGSB = Black / Gold / Silver

Contact us to order customized colors.

platters glass dinnerware milkyway