Izabel Lam Dinnerware Wave top
Izabel Lam Dinnerware wave bottom

Waves rolling softly onto the shore
creating the changing textures of

The Morning Tide Glass Dinnerware

Inspiring palette of Citrine,
Ocean Clear, Opal and Peridot.
Use the neutrals as a quiet support
or dazzle with the colors
to show off your creativity.
Juxtapose shapes and
textures for unique contrasts.
Have fun layering similar shapes
or explore different silhouettes
for a change of rhythm.

Experiment with different courses on
the same plate or serve the same course
on different colors and shapes.
Mix with our porcelain for
graceful contrast in tone and texture.

Designed to be multifunctional.
Produced for quality and durability.
Commercial dishwasher and color safe.

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