Izabel Lam Dinnerware Wave top
Izabel Lam Dinnerware wave bottom

Gentle raindrops persistently
punctuating a still pond creating an
intriguing texture surface in

The Rain Porcelain Dinnerware

In white and exquisite metallic gold
or silver glazes that shine and sparkle.
An added touch of elegance.

Covered bowls and vessels bringing
drama to the table with
footed plates that provide
elevated prominence and interest.

Reinforced with magnesium
and produced for the highest quality.
Commercial dishwasher safe.

Genuine IZABEL LAM products are
stamped with our registered
trademark and signature

Dinnerware Izabel Lam Logo Sig

Round  Dish Butter Sauce footed
Round  Plate Salad footed
Round  Plate Dinner footed
Round  Cup Vase Breadstick
Round  Bowl Soup
Round  Bowl Dessert
Round  Bowl Sauce Dessert
Round  Bowl Sugar Cream Holder
Round  Bowl Plate Soup with Cover
Round  Pot Soup Flat Handle
Round  Pot Soup Round Handle
Triangular  Salt Pepper Shakers Silver Glaze
Rectangular  Bowl Side Charcoal
Oval  Platter Salad Pasta
Round  Bowl Ice Cream
Round  Dish Sauce